Day 1 Sunday

Rocky Mountains NP, mountain road, snowy peaks, scenery and high altitude.

Day 2 Monday

Underground River.

Afternoon we will reach Grand Teton NP, Boat ride on Alpine lake to beautiful waterfall. Hike back or return on the same boat.

Day 3 Tuesday Grand Teton, Yellowstone NP. Yellowstone Canyon, waterfalls, geysers (Half the geysers on planet earth are located in the Yellowstone caldera), hot springs, highest alpine lake on our continent, bison, bears, deer, muss witness almost every animal of North America, living free.

Day 4 Wednesday

Rafting on Yellowstone River, continue visiting NP.

Day 5 Thursday

Lots of highway driving, but also beautiful Timpanogos Cave NM and cable car ride. Sunset in Bryce NP.

Day 6 Friday Bryce Canyon National Park. Hiking the Navajo Loop, Pictures, pictures, pictures.

Shabbos Koidesh

Day 1 Sunday Zion NP. Angels Landing or the Emerald Pools hike. Zion Canyon, Checkerboard Mesa, scenic drive, some of the Narrows or slot canyon.

Day 2 Monday Kaibab Plateau and forest - North rim of Grand Canyon NP, Marble Canyon, mighty Colorado River and the Bend.

Day 3 Tuesday Glen Dam, Lake Powell, Navajo Indian NM, Monument Valley (on Indian territories) Horseback riding (if you choose to) with Indian guide.

Day 4 Wednesday Natural Bridges NM, Dinosaur museum, Four Corners (the only place in the USA where you can step in four states with one foot), Shopping for Indian chachkes.

Day 5 Thursday Mesa Verde NP the largest and most beautiful Native American ancient settlement in the US.

Day 6 Friday Great Sand Dunes NP, Colorado. If time allows, Medano Pass dirt road over the Rocky Mountains

Shabbos Koidesh in Denver CO.

This list includes only the major attractions on your way: 12 National Parks and Monuments within Two Weeks. This will give you a taste of adventure that you will want to extend in the future with your family and children. In each of the parks you can spend weeks and still not cover them all. That would take a lifetime. There is beauty around of every bend of the river or behind every peak of the mountain. We will drive those roads mostly between mountain ranges, including the highest ranges on the continental US. Some of the four-wheel-drives will make jeeping look like child's play in a sandbox by comparison. You will not stay behind the glass of the candy store looking in; instead, you will find yourself right inside the chocolate factory. You will see a reality which others see only in IMAX Theaters, on the giant screen. Their view is only on a screen, but you will be where they actually recorded those films. On the way, there will be mines and rides, as well as places to climb or slide down on actual rock, not fabricated plastic. We can't possibly have time to do it all, but we can find time to add fun to even this packed list.