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Did you ever dream of traveling across this great continent? Many of you did.

We undertook such a journey several times. Each time we took a different route so we could admire as much beauty as the Creator put into the proximity of a straight line of 3000 miles from one coast to another. Of course, we didnít come back the same way we went, in order to see even more, reflect on creation and make our Jewish self-consciousness even stronger.

We could do it together, but for this kind of trip it would be preferable to go with a Minyan. The reason is that such a long period of time without a Minyan would affect any Jew, as well as spending that much time away from a Jewish community.

You may organize such a group and I will serve as your guide in the same capacity as I do all my other trips.

We could go in a group of ten to eleven people in a 15-passenger van. It would take three weeks. I will tell you everything you need to know about how to prepare yourself for this kind of journey; about the food and clothing, where we will sleep and what we will see B-H.

This is a much bigger enterprise than a five-day trip to the National Parks.

It would cost you approximately $2500.00 per person, but would be the excursion of your life.

If you choose to go with a smaller group it would cost you approximately $3500.00 per person for four people.