Camp Derech Eretz

Bain hazmanim edition.

We are aware of the unmanaged time of the beginning of the month of Nissan which is the most boring time of the year. We are aware of the worries parents and educators have about how this time can be mismanaged. We are offering more than just an alternative, we are offering an experience like no other for your bucher. We work at every time of year but now we will give you a journey at off season prices. For only $1000 we are offering a trip to the most beautiful part of this country. We give you adventures without forgetting about our duties for the Creator but making them even more meaningful.  

From March 25 2012 to April 04 we will be hosting approximately 18 young people in a wonderful mountain house, serving kosher and nutritious food with best hechsheiros, and learning with them deeper meaning of Yidishkeit in environment thousands of miles away from comfort of a big Jewish community.

Within the ten days of camp we will see the most magnificent views on planet earth; we will also organize lots of activities which every bucher loves. These will be the most adventurous ten days of this year or even a lifetime for some.

Joint us now, before all spots are taken!

For agreement and medical forms please email or call 917 570 8402. 

To learn more about the spirit of our camp visit our summer camp information site. Click banner below.