Camp Expedition


As per popular demand, this year we will organize a three-week long summer camp for bucherim only. We already had large groups that were guided and driven around various attractions in the past. This Year we decided to add some more fun and attractions and organize a bigger group.

To make sure that every participant of this great road trip will have the most of it, our group will be limited to only 18 bucherim, plus staff. Our staff is comprised of experienced young people. Young enough to remember what fun is about, yet old enough to supervise younger colleagues and make sure that we never forget Whom we represent.

There will be a lot of magnificent places that we will visit and a lot of fun that we will have I-H, even though we will not visit the locations representing cultural aspects that are not parallel with our Jewish values. Fun dose not have to be compromised with   strange standards.

Besides for visiting the most beautiful and famous natural wonders of the world, we will make sure that our boys will be tired from other attractions. Rafting on the  River, boating on an Alpine Lake, horseback riding, climbing in slot canyons, camping and bonfires, are only few of the many attractions.




As you may learn from the detailed itinerary, there will be a lot of excitement, which will leave an unparalleled positive imprint in the memories of everyone traveling with us.

On our way, there will be great heights and depths, some discipline and extra attention will be necessary. But don’t worry, we’re doing it for years already and B-H we know what to watch and where.

At this moment we are planning one group starting the first Wednesday after Tisha Be Av (July 31) and ending on Sunday, three weeks later.

The total price (including food and all attractions) will be $2000. It does not include airfare, which may cost depending on the date of your booking, from $300 to $400.

We will travel in three vehicles and not on a bus, as we will visit some places located away from most known tourist spots. Exceptional places which only few people know about.

Everyday we will eat a fresh milchige or parve breakfast, parve or flayshige sandwich for lunch, and a flayshige hot Meal Mart supper. Few times our supper will be cooked on  a bonfire.

We will only have products with Cheimishe Hechsheiros and Pas Yisroel bread.




Each Bucher will need a change of clothing only for one week and Shabbos.

One of the nights we will do laundry to make sure that our luggage is not too big, as we will need space for camping gear and food.

We will be away from any Jewish settlement and only food available will be that which we will take with us.

Most of the time we will spend nights in decent motels along our way, only few nights we will sleep in the tents. Three bucherim per room and a nice hot shower. For most of the three weeks however we will take comfort of rented mountain house equipped with table games and other stuff liked by the young people.

Once you book, you will receive the detailed list of clothing and other items that will be necessary to take for such trip.

Our company, MV Tour reserves the right to cancel entire event with full refund of money.

In case of resignation from our customer side, the latest time to receive full amount of payment is June 30, 2012. After that date in case of canceling there will be no return of payment.




Each time when we will camp we will have a campfire and make food on this fire.

Every day will bring new attractions and activities, when separated may be a trip for itself.

All within the rules of Halacha, applied in this sometimes-extreme environment and conditions. Always remembering who we are and Whom we serve. We will Experience Our Jewishness in a new dimension and see our Creator's Fingerprints still fresh. The History and Geology of the land explained by an experienced and knowledgeable guide from the Jewish Orthodox point of view. 

This is the list of only the major attractions on the way. More than 12 National Parks and Monuments within Three Weeks. In each of the Parks you will wish to spend weeks. There is beauty around every bend of the river and behind every peak of every mountain. We will drive those roads mostly between mountain ranges including the highest ranges on continental US. Some of the four-wheel drives will make jeeping look easy, like a sand box of driving. We will be no standing in the front of the glass of a candy store looking inside; you will find yourself in the chocolate factory. You will see the reality that others only see in IMAX Theaters, on giant screens, but only screens, while you will be where they are recording those films.


July 31 – August 19 2012 Itinerary for Bocherim only.

Two weeks itinerary will be soon upgrated to the new time framework. 


Day 1 Sunday –

Several National monuments on the way to the Great Canyon. We will visit ruins of the pre-Columbian Indian dwellings as well as not to long ago active volcano. By the end of the day we are planning to arrive to the Canyon itself.

Day 2 Monday –

After watching sunset in Canyon we will start the day with the sunrise at the same place but not the alike. ‘Dinosaur’ tracks, Navajo land, Monument valley, horse back riding (for courageous), Goosenecks of San Juan River - are only few attractions of the day. We will end the day in Natural Bridges National Monument.

Day 3 Tuesday –

On this day we will visit two major National Parks – Canyonland and Arches. If time allows we will drive up the snowy picks of Mt. La Sal.

Day 4 Wednesday –

Ferry across the Lake Powel and drive trough famous Burr trial. Glen Canyon NRA, Escalante, Capitol Reef, Petrified Forest with chunks of wood turned in to the stone, Anasazi Indian village and much more on this only fourth day of our trip.

Day 5 Thursday –

Kodachrome basin, Spooky and Pickboo slot canyons, hole in the rock road, various of geological features unknown in any other part of the world. This day will bring a lot of fun but we will be very tiered by its end.

Day 6 Friday –

Bryce Canyon NP – no words to describe it…

Shabos Koidesh

East of Zion NP Utah.





Day 1 Sunday –

Coral Pink Dunes SP, Pipe Spring NM, Moki Cave and few other attractions on this rather lazy Sunday.

Day 2 Monday –

Zion NP, East side of Zion, Check Board Mesa, Narrows or Emerald Pool Trial.

Most people visiting three of the parks located within proximity admit that Zion is the most beautiful of all.

Day 3 Tuesday –

North Rim of Grand Canyon NP, Imperial Point, Cape Royal, Angels Window natural bridge. If we are lucky we may see Bison on the magnificent pastures of the Kaibab forest.

Day 4 Wednesday –

Glen Canyon Dam, Lake Powell, Bend, Marble Canyon, touch of the mighty Colorado River. For willing so, rafting on the river down the Glen and Marble Canyons. Navajo Bridge.

Day 5 Thursday –

This last full day of our camp will be filled with surprises. We will visit places which we didn’t have time to visit in the past days and we will perform activities which all the boys desire but there was no time until now to do it.

Day 6 Friday –

Drive to FlagstaffArizona where we will spend a Shabos with perhaps other visitors coming to these magnificent places. On the way still places to stop and see.

Shabos Koidesh

Flagsataff – one of the most beautifully located city in US.

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