There are not enough words in the dictionary to express our hakaras hatov to Mr. Weiser, for opening our eyes to a whole new and Divinely beautiful world. My family loves to travel, and we have gone on excellent vacations in the past. But none could possibly compare to the wonders and marvels that we were zocheh to witness while touring the National Parks with this exceptional guide. Not only did he take us to places that are so breathtakingly awesome they defy the imagination, but he showed them to us from a uniquely Torahdige perspective.

There are millions of tourists who visit the Grand Canyon, Bryce, Zion and Yellowstone each year, since these places are truly unparalleled anywhere else across the globe. Visitors cannot help but gasp at the phenomenal vistas and fabulous panoramas laid out before them. But with Mr. Weiser at the helm, we were privileged not only to see, but to recognize the Creator's Fingerprints in every brush of color and every slab of stone. He made us aware of Hashem's greatness throughout our journey, explaining how every rock and tree proved the eminent truth of Briyas Haolam. Each day, he enriched us with a deeper understanding and a deeper appreciation for our proud identity as frum Yidden. That is something you just can't get from a run-of-the-mill, do-it-yourself trip.

On our two-week tour we hiked the canyons, went whitewater rafting, ducked our heads inside a 2-mile-long underground cavern, delighted in prismatic streams and bursting geysers, while snapping countless wow-inducing pictures. My family got a hands-on, comprehensive education in science, history and geography that we will never forget. We learned to identify animals and geological formations we had never previously encountered. All in all, it was an experience beyond anything we could have dreamed, meticulously planned and executed by a top-notch professional in his field. Mr. Weiser's love and enthusiasm for nature is infectious!

The most important difference between this vacation and all our others can be summed up with a single thought: Our previous trips were well enjoyed while they lasted, but they ended on the plane ride home. Our trip with Mr. Weiser will always remain in our hearts, as a source of endless and enduring inspiration. For that, we can never thank him enough.

Mrs. Chaya Sara Schlussel

Brooklyn, NY

I highly recommend using Creators Fingerprints when planning your vacation. We had a most beautiful experience with Mr. Weiser, who is a highly intelligent and professional tour guide. He is very organized, very punctual, and he set us up with transportation, lodging and a great itinerary. It is hard to plan this trip by yourself when you don’t have the amount of knowledge needed for scheduling the vast amount of interesting places to visit in the short amount of time you have. Mr. Weiser planned our schedule ahead of time, booked our tickets, rented the gorgeous house where we spent a few nights and drove us all around, while simultaneously feeding us a lot of knowledge about history and nature. All this for a decent price!! We would definitely book another vacation with him!!!

Esther Weiss

Brooklyn NY

Our trips with Mr. Weiser were wonderful. The places he took us were awesome!

He knows every nook and cranny that is attractive for tourists in the U.S., as well as he knows the palm of his hand. He does not waste time driving around aimlessly because he knows all the shortcuts and beautiful scenic routes through countless paths in every National Park. He prepares an excellent itinerary. I went on two different trips with him and highly recommend him to all.

Besides all of the above, Mr. Weiser is also a very pleasant person.

Mrs Goldstein

Monsey NY

It is two weeks since we returned from our trip to Yellowstone National Park and the Grand Tetons, and we still are awe-inspired. The nature we saw was breathtaking. It is thanks to Matys Weiser, the proprietor of Creative Fingerprints, that we were able to see so much in the one week we were touring.

This was the second time that we went with Mr. Weiser. Last year he took us to the Grand, Bryce andZion canyons. His knowledge of the terrain is unsurpassed and his familiarity with the highways and side roads is remarkable. He is thoroughly familiar with the places/states to which he travels; thus, you get to see all that is beautiful, scenic and enjoyable. He is especially good at finding beautiful spots that most tour companies are unaware of. We have seen wonderful nature in some the ‘off the beaten path’ locations to which we were taken.

Mr. Weiser deeply appreciates nature and his love for it is evident. He never gets bored with it and, therefore, the tourist does not get bored with it either. If you appreciate ‘fun’ things, he will accommodate that preference as well. He knows all that can be done and seen in the various states where he conducts his tours.

Iy”h, we hope to go with him again. We feel that the fact that we enjoyed it so much did not happen by chance. It is because Mr. Weiser carefully planned out what to see and adjusted the daily tour based on our preferences and weather changes. And of course, the Eibershter created a most beautiful world.

S & G Reich


I think the week-long trip I took with Matys was worth everything! I still think back on all the special places we went, because they left wonderful memories over the last four years.


Brooklyn NY

Going with Matys Weiser was an amazing experience!

Every day was filled to capacity, the areas were spectacular, their geology was clearly explained, and the accommodations were really nice.

We spent a week together with a group of friends and went everywhere from boating and horseback riding, to the Grand Canyon at sunrise. We did it all.

I encourage all who have the opportunity to go ahead and have a wonderful time.

Don't forget your camera!

B, from Boro Park

Five stars for Matys Weiser, founder of “Creators Fingerprints."

1. Incredible planning! Every last detail was planned out to the "T."

2. Matys shares his extensive knowledge of the parks and areas visited.

3. You will definitely enjoy his exceptional personality and professionalism.

4. All the accommodations – from the car to the hotels – are comfortable and clean, with all amenities.

5. Mr. Weiser is incredibly patient, and an amazing photographer (you'll have pictures to cherish)!

A visit to the National Parks with Mr. Weiser, whose knowledge of the areas is amazing, should not be missed. I must say that I feel M. Weiser has a "zchus" and I must personally thank him for giving us the time and opportunity to enjoy the "Creator's Fingerprints" and to appreciate it in such a beautiful, Torah'dige way. At the same time, he gave our group the opportunity for fun, excitement and joy! Memories of the tours conducted by Matys Weiser will be ingrained in our minds forever!


Brooklyn NY

I would like to share my experience traveling with Mr. Weiser as our tour guide. His knowledge of the area through which we traveled was astounding. All the places and accommodations were superb. I highly recommend his services!



Brooklyn NY