Most of my clients, if not all, are Jewish.

We all keep Kosher, but everyone on a different level. In addition, we have different likes and dislikes about different types of foods.

It is impossible to provide food for everybody and make them not only well fed, but also happy.

Five days of traveling is long enough to be concerned about kosher food, but short enough to take it with you and not take up too much cargo space.

I will give you my personal advice (getting hungry too J).

First day:

Sunday, eat something at home after an early Davening. You might still want to munch something on the plane.

Take some sandwiches with you for the afternoon or evening.

Second day: (and basically the rest of the trip)

The next morning comes and the daily routine starts (which will be used for most of the trip.)

You will eat your breakfast in the motel. Make sure to have enough for four days. You will need to take some bread and something to eat it with (like cheese or salami). Same thing with lunch.

You should prepare the Lunch sandwich in the motel and wrap it up so you can eat it on the way, or at one of the picnic areas.

Supper should be something warm.

I advise you to use Meal Mart or La Briute ready portions. They are ready to use and permitted by many Rabbinic authorities to heat in any microwave oven.

All this food shouldn’t take more than three gallons of space per person.

In case of emergency, there is a well-supplied store in Las Vegas.

On the pictures you can see how much food I take for myself. In fact, I take only one loaf of bread. It's enough for me for four days, and the food on the picture would easily be satisfactory for six days. Bear in mind, you will be traveling with a guy who is 6 ft 6 inches! J.

For the first day (Sunday), besides for breakfast you can take a sandwich for lunch. For the evening you can eat a reheated meal.

All the food should be packed in shopping bags. You could add some cookies, snacks or energy bars if you want.

In addition to the food, four changes of clothes should be taken for four days.  I’d advise you to bring along a sweater.

My things fit into a small 21 x 13 suitcase. Everything is inside the suitcase. I also take my tefilin bag and laptop. My things are small enough to be taken as carry-on luggage.

You could take a bigger suitcase, especially if you’re going in the winter time. In the winter some type of coat or jacket would be useful. Summer time, it’s a good idea to take a cap or some head covering due to the intense sunshine. Comfortable shoes are a must. You should be content with a 26 x 16 in. size suitcase.