This is always a hard topic to talk about.

We will try to make it as easy as possible.

All the traveling within five days, including lodging, car, driver, guide, National Parks fees, gasoline, and some other fees are included in the price of:

1 person       -   $   3.600,00

2 people       -   $   1.800,00 per person

3 people       -   $   1.550,00 per person

4 people       -   $   1.450,00 per person

5 people       -   $   1.350,00 per person

6 people       -   $   1200,00 per person

More than 6 people will have to switch from SUV to van. We will be not able to use some of the roads with a van, but there’s still a lot to see.

7 people       -   $   1050.00 per person

8 people       -   $   950.00 per person

9 people       -   $   850.00 per person

10 people     -   $   800.00 per person

No airfare is included in the price. 

From May to September, the average price may increase up to $200 more per person, due to the season.

If you decide not take your own food, we will provide it for you for an additional $200 per person.

A seven days trip will cost approximately $350 - $500 more per person.

The two weeks option is just double of the basic price.

For example if you chose to go as a group of six people at summer time it will be:

$950 (5 days) + $200 (season increase) + $200 (food) = $1300

If you will stay for Shabos add $350 = $1750 per person.

A two weeks summer trip for six persons, will cost approximately $2600 per person

You may still wonder - how can we keep our prices so low? Are we cutting corners by putting you in cheap motels or other wise? No! CH-SH!

The secret of our prices, which are below of comparable routes and services of the mass tourism is very simple. There’s no middleman involved. We have a family operated business. Not only will your trip be crafted to yours needs and possibilities but you will pay less for costumed and personalized treatment.

No buses filled with strangers. No others to wait for. No pushing and hustle.

Just you, your spouse, family or friends.