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From the middle of May up till late November it will be possible to stay in one place for all four nights. If we do stay in one motel or rented house, we will not be visiting the southern rim of the Grand Canyon. We will still visit all three National Parks. We will, however, visit perhaps the most gorgeous side, the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, along with some National Monuments and State parks of dazzling magnificence.

To see it all you need a guide that will lead you around those places. Unfortunately, a GPS is not enough to navigate by, since many of the dirt roads are unrecognized by those devices, and sometimes those roads are not even on the map. We will travel trough Escalante National Monument, were the status of the park and the roads is unresolved, which causes the GPS and maps to be almost worthless. A GPS will also not provide you with all the information and amazing stories about the places you will visit.

Itís possible to extend your trip and be in this magnificent part of the country for another few days. Spending Shabbos in this extraordinary environment can be an experience of its own.

Itís easy to arrange such a trip; all you have to do is tell me where you would prefer to be. There are basically three possibilities: You could choose to spend Shabbos away in the mountains, and I will arrange a mountain cabin near Zion NP. Or maybe you would like to spend the weekend in Flagstaff AZ, where there is Bays Chabad led by Rabbi Shapiro. Although there is not a guaranteed minyan every Shabbos, we could try to make arrangements with Rabbi Shapiro regarding this issue.

You might also choose to spend Shabos in Las Vegas. There are a few Batey Medroshim in the city that are located in quiet and modest neighborhoods.

All of these options, including parts of Thursday and Friday, would give you more time to enjoy the stay, along with some more activities.

You would be dropped off at LV airport on Sunday around noon.

The cost of this option varies depending on the number of people participating and your choice of Shabbos accommodations; however, it wouldnít be a significant increase from the basic price of the trip.

Other arrangements are also possible.