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In the other direction, towards Vermont and New Hampshire, there are also plenty of areas you may desire to visit.

The rocky slopes of the White Mountains are beautiful during all seasons of the year, but the transformation that occurs there during the fall is incomparable to anything in the country. The entire region of New England is known for its explosion of colors during autumn, when most people visit the northern part of the Appalachian Mountains for an exceptional display of beauty.

It doesnít have to be autumn for you to enjoy the gorgeous vistas, walks to waterfalls and other natural features, or spectacular rides on an antique train or modern cable railway.

This trip includes a ride to the top of the highest mountain on the east of the Mississippi River, Mount Washington! This almost legendary mountain is visited by thousands, though not everyone feels comfortable driving up there alone. The narrow road with countless switchbacks and sheer cliffs on the right and on the left may scare even an experienced driver. With us, you donít have to worry. We drove this road many times and only worry about you having enough space on the memory cards of your camera. This trip may take from three to six days. We will plan it for you in the most efficient way, to guarantee that you come back with unforgettable impressions.