Yet another attraction close to home for residents of the east coast is Shenandoah National Park. The spectacular tour trough the Skyline Drive takes only two to three hours, but a day is hardly enough to admire the views.

Mountains, meadows, murmuring streams and wildlife are only a few of the features which will make you want to stay there for a great deal longer. The mountain air reflects the rare beauty of creation.

This trip, like the others, can be extended to 6 days. Besides for the mountains, with their gentle, inviting slopes, this region offers a great number of caves and caverns. Visiting them will comprise another full day of deep impressions. Crystal Caverns, Luray Caverns and Endless Caverns are only a few facets of the unlimited underground splendor.

There is also a Maze out of a hedge, a natural stone bridge and other terrific attractions.

Yet another aspect of this region that will excite you is the history of the land. You will delight in history coming alive, from the time of the Indians till the first European settlers, as well as the Civil War era, which also left its mark on the lands of Virginia. Mining can also occasionally leave a permanent sign of devastation, but sometimes without a book, brochure or guide, you would never guess at the astounding mining past of this beautiful and interesting region!