The best time to go is when you desire to go. That’s why we operate year-round. You could take the basic five-day trip or extend it to a one-week trip which includes Shabbos.

There is also a two-week trip option, if you wish. Within those two weeks we will help you visit a majority of the most visited National Parks in the world, including Arizona’s Grand Canyon, Utah’s Zion, Bryce, Escalante, Capitol Reef, Arches, Canyonlands, Dinosaur NM, Wyoming’s Grand Teton and the legendary Yellowstone NP.

The amount of time that you desire to spend in each of these places is entirely your decision. I will offer you a general framework of the trip and give you suggestions about how to efficiently use your time.

All three parks visited in five days long trip are open year-round.

Visitors choose different seasons for different reasons.

The Summer could be extremely hot in some elevations, but that’s the season when most people come to visit those parks. Most of the time however we will spent well above 6000 feet above the see level where temperatures are more moderate even in Summer.

Some people choose Winter time for its different kind of beauty. In fact, the dry cold air of the high desert is not so troublesome like on the east side of the United States.

Some of the roads are closed during Winter time, especially dirt roads.

If crowds of people don’t make any difference to you, Summer is great.

If you have time in the Winter it is an excellent time to go too.

Spring and Autumn are beautiful seasons to imbibe the beauty of nature.

However… nobody gives a guarantee for the weather, so pray for the best.