Is this just another form of vacation?

This trip will give you what every good vacation should; rest from the daily routine and detachment from the daily grind during which necessity dominates everything you do. We need some rest from time to time, not only for body relaxation, but also to air out our minds and shake us out of the complacency that separates us from what we would like to be, Erleche Yiden, honest and devoted Jews.

Many go to Eretz Yisrael hoping to imbue themselves with spirituality. Some go visiting the kevurim of our holy Rabbis and Tzadikim, recollecting their deeds and teachings. They do all of this in order to break through the mundane; to alter their lives in a positive and meaningful way.

However, there is another means to achieve this praiseworthy goal.

One way for our Neshuma to travel upward, is to reflect upon creation.

Reflection brings us closer to our Maker and Father. It teaches us humility by showing how small we truly are compared to the rest of creation - and yet, it proves that we are still very significant to Hashem.

(Chazal teach us that the Torah is the blueprint for creation. In the links on the left, you can find some of the quotes from Rabbinic literature, bringing this valuable thought to our attention.)

My tour will give you an opportunity to achieve many goals: rest from all the pressures of life, a spiritual uplift, a draught of the refreshing mountain air, and walks that are activities serving not only your eyes, but also your hearts and minds.

All of this in an environment that is sought out by millions, but accessed only by those who know where to go.