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The first question I usually get asked is, 'Why do I need a guide at all?'

You could come to an airport, rent a car and go, perhaps saving yourself a few dollars.

Some could do it that way, but even for an experienced traveler it takes days, if not weeks, to plan such a trip efficiently.

By contrast, with the right person guiding you, you will see some places which millions of people would like to visit, but they donít know how to get there or even know that they exist.

You have five days, three National Parks, and endless desert lying between you and your destination.

If you get lost, your best choice may be spending the night in the desert. At worst, you might have to walk the desert for a couple of daysÖ through the mountains.

Iím not trying to scare you. Thatís how it really is!

And that's not the only advantage to having a guide.

Just a few of the things your guide will clarify:

†† -††† What you see

†† -††† Where you are

†† -††† What kind of rock is surrounding you

†† -††† Is it volcanic or sedimentary

†† -††† How to behave in case of seeing wild animals

†† -†† What kind of people live in the area, among them Native Americans

†† -†† Why the name of the place is Zion

†† -†† Why some of the majestic rocks are named after Abraham, Isaac and Jacob

†† -†† Etc, etc.

There will be enough talking and explaining for the entire duration of the trip.

In addition to sightseeing, I can arrange horseback riding, rafting, or even a helicopter flight over the Canyon. For these activities you will pay directly to the companies or individuals providing these services.