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My name is Matys.

Some of you may know me for different reasons.

I have traveled across the United States for many years and I have visited many amazing and breathtaking sites. So I got the idea to turn something I love and know well, into a creative business venture.

I decided to take people to see the fresh fingerprints of the Creator Himself, in order to admire His awesome world and build a stronger relationship with Him.

This business is much less profitable than my prior one, but instead I am earning the enjoyment and satisfaction of doing something productive and bringing a Divine awareness to many people. My trips introduce visitors to places where Hashem's creation is self-evident, and inspirational.

I have been to most of these places many times, and I see more each time I go.

I have toured the most visited places on this planet, but turning the car to uninhabited deserts where one can enjoy solitude with the Holy One, is an experience of its own and equally enthralling.

Mountains, deserts, rivers and lakes, animate and inanimate nature.

All of this is a direct testimony to its Builder.

This love of the outdoors, where Man can fully admire and appreciate Maasey Bereyshis, is unique within the frum community. Combining the art of Creation with my personal knowledge, allows me to provide you with services unachievable by others. By understanding your specific needs, I can show you what millions of people from all around the world come to see, without compromising on your principals.

You won't be lost on your way, either geographically or spiritually.

Due to the fact that I spend lots of my time on those roads, trails and paths, you donít have to worry about getting lost, winding up at insignificant sites, or overpaying people who focus only on your wallet.

Your time and money are too precious to waste.

Let me take you on the journey of your life!